Quattrolifts - Mule 500

Mule 500 is a newer, improved version of the Mule 300 - it is equipped with a motor for the winch / lift, without the use of counterweights, but with the front feet on wheels protruding forward. In this case there is no need for counterweights at the rear, while truck has a capacity of up to 500 kg. Of course counterweights are supplied complete as an alternate option.

Like its predecessor, the Mule 500 can be operated by one person, and its design allows the transport and rotation of glass panes to a length of 4400 mm. Adjustable swivel arm with mounted vacuum suction cups allows for safe rotation of glass panes of up to 360 °.

Using this device guarantees:
  • increasing labor productivity
  • reducing the amount of employees to work transport
  • eliminating many of the problems associated with the safety of workers
  • possibility of transporting large glass panels without the need for a crane or a crane
  • reduce the risk of damage to the glass edges during rotation
  • safe loading, unloading and transport even in difficult terrain